Production Update #2, plus some art!

Hey everybody!
Allow me to begin by saying how great these last few weeks have been, and I’m glad we’ve been able to share A New World Order together. Thank you all so much for being a part of this.

I’m excited to announce I’m working to put blog updates on a regular schedule, which I will be working to achieve over the next two chapters.

Episode Four: Part One will release Tuesday, July 14th.

Episode Four: Part Two will release Friday, July 24th.

Episode Four: Part Two will be the first post on the new schedule, and after it, new blog updates will be released every other Friday, meaning that episode four will wrap on Friday, August 7th, and a new chapter will be added every two weeks afterwards for the forseeable future. I thank you all for your patience so far in the arbitrary update schedule, and look forward to having regularly scheduled updates, so you all know what to expect from me.

That said, I’m glad to announce that we’ll finally be hosting some artwork on the blog! You can expect to see new major character sketches as soon as they appear in the regular installments. We begin with Yin and Yang, Mr. and Mrs. Az and Iris Valentine.

 Lookin’ pretty sharp.

What looks even sharper is this fantastic fan art piece by my good friend and fan of the blog, Sarah, whose power with the pen has beautifully captured the essence of the fearsome executioner, the Hangman.



☑️ Buckshot Eye

☑️ Jaw like a pike

☑️ air so knowing and business-like

Don’t worry, I’ll only have nightmares about it for the rest of my life. Harvey would be impressed.

Send in your own Archangel artwork, and you too could be featured on the blog!

Thanks again for being you!

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