Production Update #4 – Site Updates, Schedule, a Personal Appeal

Hello, everyone.

I have a few interesting things to announce, but I’d like to open first with a few personal notes.

Firstly, I’d like to thank you all for sharing this adventure with me so far. I have worked so hard to achieve this dream, and continue now even more intensely to do so. More importantly, I’m thrilled to have been able to share this with each of you so far, and I look forward to continue sharing it with you.

That said, I’d like to discuss an important matter I’ve mentioned in some of my social promotions. As grateful as I am to share Azrael with each of you, I’m currently running a sort of word-of-mouth business. The backbone of my success is built squarely on the foundation of your shoulders, and I’m so grateful to have an audience like you. In that regard, my ultimate goal is to expand that foundation to as many people who could share this dream as possible. That goal is one I can only accomplish through each of you, helping me to share Azrael with everyone you can. You’ve already given me so much, now I ask simply this favor. Please, anything you can do to bring new faces onto this journey with us is more than I could want.

In other news, I’ve made a few simple updates to the site for the ease of new and regular readers alike, including quick links at the end of each chapter. Feel free to check out the new and improved About page and Episode Index.
I may also be performing some updates on the site in the coming days, including some potential aesthetic and functionality improvements, and potentially a new page that I’m incredibly excited about.

Finally, I’d like to make sure you all understand what will be happening on the website in the coming days.

Azrael Episode VII: Weapon of Choice is slated to begin Friday, November 13th. After this, updates will continue as normal every other Friday until the episode’s conclusion, set for release on Friday, December 11th.

After this, I’ll be taking a break for the holidays, where I’ll be doing the aforementioned construction on the website, some hard work on the second half of the season, and an interesting activity with each of you.

After this, I’ll be returning full force with regular biweekly updates until the season’s conclusion with Episode Thirteen.

Thank you again for all the support you’ve given me so far, and everything I can trust you’ll continue to give.

Let’s make Azrael great together.

With paramount enthusiasm and gratitude,


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