Announcement – Q and A

Hey everyone!

As I’ve mentioned through various avenues before, I’m taking a short break now that Azrael: Weapon of Choice has reached its conclusion, both for personal time for the holidays, and to prepare to make the last six episodes of this season the greatest they can be. Azrael: Brothers in Arms will begin in January 2016, and the remainder of the season will continue on schedule all the way through to the end.

Meanwhile, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be doing a Q and A session on the website! I’ll be taking questions about the Azrael universe and characters, my writing and production process, plans I have for the future, and pretty much anything else. (Although I’m not promising I’ll answer everything, and I won’t give you any spoilers, no matter how nicely you ask.)

To submit a question, simply put it in the comments of this post or any of the social media promotions for it, drop me a line on my Facebook or Twitter, or even ask me in person if you’re so inclined.

QUESTIONS ARE DUE  by 11:59 on Thursday, December 31st.

I’ll answer all questions publicly in a new blog post a day or two after the deadline, so make sure to get them all in as soon as you can.

– Josiah

One thought on “Announcement – Q and A

  1. My question for your Q and A is: Could you give me a “God-perspective” regarding Azrael and his mission. What exactly is his mission and what exactly is his motivation? All superheroes have their separate missions and their secret motivations. What is Azrael’s? I so appreciate that Azrael is a man who loves his wife and daughter–a good depiction of a quality man. I would just like my questions answered in Azrael’s words. Thanks, Josiah–you are a very gifted young man and that is a very unbiased opinion!!???!! 🙂


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