Hey everyone!

I’m proud this week to be celebrating the one-year anniversary of Azrael:The Gallows Beam reaching its completion.

One year since the Gallows fell.

To commemorate the occasion, I have a whole bunch of great things to share. If you’ve looked around, you’ve noticed the first.

Welcome to the all-new

First and foremost, I’m proud to rebrand the site with it’s own all-new URL:

Additionally, I’ve made some great new updates to the site, the first being a great new look made to be both equally both more glamorous and more user-friendly, plus it features a brand new header image animated entirely by yours truly.

As an homage to the beautiful year since it’s fall, I’ve also put together a personal tour of the Hangman’s hideout, a completely modeled and textured animation of the infamous courthouse. Click here to check it out on YouTube.

Finally, I’ll be asking for fan ideas for an upcoming behind-the-scenes series later this week, so keep an eye on the site for an opportunity to be involved in the creation of some fascinating new content.

Thank you all so much for this beautiful year of my life. I can’t articulate how thrilling it’s been to share so much of my passion with so many people, and how overjoyed I am to continue being able to do so, to an even greater extent than ever before.

We stand at the beginning of a long road towards a shining future, and I’m more than blessed to be able to share the walk with each of you.

Thank you again for the wonderful first year, and for all the time we’ll continue to share together in the future as Azrael continues his incredible journey.

Gratefully yours,


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