Azrael: Silent Night


The snow fell thick over the unconscious bodies of four small-time car thieves on 106th street, gently coating their limp forms in a thin layer of white powder.

Police Captain Aaron Slate surveyed the scene, the Christmas lights reflecting off the ice collecting on the criminal quartet.

Slate cracked a smile, heaving a sigh made visible by the grey condensation in the winter air.

“Guess he’s kept busy.”

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Azrael: Episode XIII: Hell Hath No Fury – Part Three – Vici

Five crimson dots struck the grey concrete, shattering as they collided with the drab floor and casting bloody beads around them.

A red beam cut across the floor, burning a thick black line across the concrete as the severed steel blade fell to the floor.

I squeezed the two wires together in my hand, connecting the power bank to the beam refractor I’d cut out of the robot in the previous room. The beam shot out from where I’d concealed it in a pocket on my stomach, cutting low across the room, slashing the legs from the androids and knocking them to the floor.

A bullet split the facial casing of a droid standing behind me.

“Oh no you don’t.” Vivian shouted over the barrel.

If I was going to disable the androids’ explosive capabilities, I would have to immobilize all of them and Vivian long enough to access the control core. I needed to take down Vivian first.

Well, first things first.

I pulled the steel katana shard from my stomach, the blood dripping to the floor from the stab wound I’d redirected to my abdomen in my fight to stand.

My claws shot out, shredding through the hydraulics at the robots’ shoulders and disabling their motions as I used them to shield myself from Vivian’s gunshots. The bleeding opening in my side fought me as I swung, tearing the machines apart.

The androids began to stack up around me, clawing at my legs from the floor and pushing back hard.

I had to find a new way to take them out of the fight.

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Azrael: Episode IX: Brothers In Arms – Part Two – The Red Day

(Author’s note: Brothers In Arms: The Red Day is the conclusion of a two-part episode following Brohers In Arms: The Black Herald. Azrael: City on Fire will premiere the weekend of Friday, April 1st.)

A sleek, pale leg stepped into the limousine, an expensive black heel coming down on the floor of the vehicle as a woman in an elegant black dress and a white coat with purple linings stepped into the car. Vivian had made sure to look her best for the big night, donning her finest pearls as she considered all the people who’d be doing the same the following evening for Valentine’s Day.

Little would they know how different those two days would be.

She couldn’t help but sit there smiling. The anticipation, the nervous energy in the air was everything. This night would change everything.

Alsleigh remained silent like his passenger, thoughtless in the long evening drive.

Until he stopped the car.

He stepped out to open the door on the curb, where he greeted a woman in a brown fur coat.

She stepped into the car, taking a seat in the left row opposite Vivian. Alsleigh returned to the driver’s seat, sliding up the divider as the woman sat.

“Good evening, Vivian.”

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Azrael: Episode IX: Brothers In Arms – Part One – The Black Herald

I ran. Jumped across the rooftops, steel cables firing between walls as I swung over the streets. Running.

I hit a wall, vaulting up to the roof and ducking behind a rooftop air conditioning hub. I knelt behind it, peering around the corner as I covered behind the unit. She was here.

The sword came from behind, cutting along the muscle striations and gliding through my shoulder and up my neck, shredding solid chunks of muscle off my arm.

She shouldn’t have done that.

I stood, drawing my scythes.

Vivian smiled.

“Glad you have some fight left.” She said. “I’m gonna love beating it out of you.”

You should’ve killed me.

“Not yet, handsome.” She said. “Mommy needs her playtime.”

Her blood-slick ninjato tore through the air, colliding with my scythes.

The steel clashed as my blades shattered like glass.
I stared in marvel at the fragments of steel left at the hilt before her sword tore off the top of my arm, tearing across my elbow and cutting through my thighs.

I fired toward her with all my remaining strength, tearing a shattered blade across her chest as she doubled up, the end of her sword shredding down my back, tearing deep into my flesh.

I turned slowly as we both gripped at our injuries, standing covered in my own blood as she turned around slowly.

She pulled open the front of her torn blouse, wiping the blood from her chest.

She stared at me, smeared blood across the sides of her collarbones as she smiled, pulling her bloodied hands from the wound on her sternum.

She laughed as she revealed a deep cut from the attack, a crimson stain in a familiar shape etched into her chest.

A circle with four points.

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