Hey everyone!

I’m proud this week to be celebrating the one-year anniversary of Azrael:The Gallows Beam reaching its completion.

One year since the Gallows fell.

To commemorate the occasion, I have a whole bunch of great things to share. If you’ve looked around, you’ve noticed the first.

Welcome to the all-new

First and foremost, I’m proud to rebrand the site with it’s own all-new URL:

Additionally, I’ve made some great new updates to the site, the first being a great new look made to be both equally both more glamorous and more user-friendly, plus it features a brand new header image animated entirely by yours truly.

As an homage to the beautiful year since it’s fall, I’ve also put together a personal tour of the Hangman’s hideout, a completely modeled and textured animation of the infamous courthouse. Click here to check it out on YouTube.

Finally, I’ll be asking for fan ideas for an upcoming behind-the-scenes series later this week, so keep an eye on the site for an opportunity to be involved in the creation of some fascinating new content.

Thank you all so much for this beautiful year of my life. I can’t articulate how thrilling it’s been to share so much of my passion with so many people, and how overjoyed I am to continue being able to do so, to an even greater extent than ever before.

We stand at the beginning of a long road towards a shining future, and I’m more than blessed to be able to share the walk with each of you.

Thank you again for the wonderful first year, and for all the time we’ll continue to share together in the future as Azrael continues his incredible journey.

Gratefully yours,


Please Read: Regarding Scheduling and Episode Length

Good evening.

I’d like to begin with a quick note clarifying the length of Brothers In Arms’ continuing updates. While most episodes on the site thus far have been three installments long, this episode is a rather special case in that there will only be two installments, the episode concluding with the upcoming Brothers In Arms: The Red Day. The new update will include an author’s note that expresses this same sentiment, just to make sure we’re all on the same page.

That said, I’m writing this address regarding time, specifically relating to release approximations and timely release.

Considering the topic of this address, I’ll cut right to the chase.

It is with sincere regret that I must unfortunately announce that Azrael: Brothers In Arms Part II will not be releasing on schedule.

This comes in conjunction with my addressing another question some of you have, regarding the fact that Azrael updates go live on various days of the weekend.

The reason for both of these is primarily this:

I produce Azrael solely as a labor of love. The simple fact is that I am more passionate about this series than damn near anything else. Azrael is my heart and soul, and it is for this reason that I’m so constantly ecstatic in being blessed to share it with so many caring fans.

That said, a labor of love is still a labor, and I’ve been working hard to produce this season constantly since well before the Hangman raised his beam almost a year ago. Simultaneously, I also continue to maintain an academic and professional balance, meaning that in times like these (midterms, anyone?), I may not have the availability or resources necessary to meet my due dates as typical.

I sincerely regret having to push this date, but time is a mistress most cruel, and for the moment, she’s forced my hand.

When I began regular updates on this site, I cursed the day that I would be forced to write an address like this, but unfortunately, it seems the day has come.

I intend fully to release the chapter as soon as it’s available next weekend (March 18-20), and I will do everything in my power in attempts to make this release work.

I apologize again for having to do this, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued patience, support, and understanding.



– Josiah

Announcement – Q and A

Hey everyone!

As I’ve mentioned through various avenues before, I’m taking a short break now that Azrael: Weapon of Choice has reached its conclusion, both for personal time for the holidays, and to prepare to make the last six episodes of this season the greatest they can be. Azrael: Brothers in Arms will begin in January 2016, and the remainder of the season will continue on schedule all the way through to the end.

Meanwhile, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be doing a Q and A session on the website! I’ll be taking questions about the Azrael universe and characters, my writing and production process, plans I have for the future, and pretty much anything else. (Although I’m not promising I’ll answer everything, and I won’t give you any spoilers, no matter how nicely you ask.)

To submit a question, simply put it in the comments of this post or any of the social media promotions for it, drop me a line on my Facebook or Twitter, or even ask me in person if you’re so inclined.

QUESTIONS ARE DUE  by 11:59 on Thursday, December 31st.

I’ll answer all questions publicly in a new blog post a day or two after the deadline, so make sure to get them all in as soon as you can.

– Josiah

Production Update #3: New Site Pages, Art

Hey everybody!

I’m glad to say that I’ve added some great new features to the site that I’d like to call to your attention.

First, we have the Episode Index. Here you can find quick links to every chapter update since the beginning, so if whether you’re a new reader reading from the beginning, re-reading an old favorite episode, or trying to catch up on the most recent updates, you can now browse all the chapters with ease.

Secondly, we have the Art Gallery! Here you can find all the art posts I’ve made, plus art from the fans. Check it out!

Both of these pages can be found on the links tab on the front page. (It’s the little button with the three lines in the upper left.

That said, I have some brand new art in the gallery page, featuring my concept sketches of Raziel and Gabriel, plus some great fan art. Check it out at the Gallery!

Production Update #2, plus some art!

Hey everybody!
Allow me to begin by saying how great these last few weeks have been, and I’m glad we’ve been able to share A New World Order together. Thank you all so much for being a part of this.

I’m excited to announce I’m working to put blog updates on a regular schedule, which I will be working to achieve over the next two chapters.

Episode Four: Part One will release Tuesday, July 14th.

Episode Four: Part Two will release Friday, July 24th.

Episode Four: Part Two will be the first post on the new schedule, and after it, new blog updates will be released every other Friday, meaning that episode four will wrap on Friday, August 7th, and a new chapter will be added every two weeks afterwards for the forseeable future. I thank you all for your patience so far in the arbitrary update schedule, and look forward to having regularly scheduled updates, so you all know what to expect from me.

That said, I’m glad to announce that we’ll finally be hosting some artwork on the blog! You can expect to see new major character sketches as soon as they appear in the regular installments. We begin with Yin and Yang, Mr. and Mrs. Az and Iris Valentine.

 Lookin’ pretty sharp.

What looks even sharper is this fantastic fan art piece by my good friend and fan of the blog, Sarah, whose power with the pen has beautifully captured the essence of the fearsome executioner, the Hangman.



☑️ Buckshot Eye

☑️ Jaw like a pike

☑️ air so knowing and business-like

Don’t worry, I’ll only have nightmares about it for the rest of my life. Harvey would be impressed.

Send in your own Archangel artwork, and you too could be featured on the blog!

Thanks again for being you!

Production Update Number One

Hey everybody!

It’s been a great few weeks for Azrael, and I’m glad I’ve had so many people to share them with.

I’m excited to announce that Azrael Episode Three: “A New World Order” begins on Saturday, June 13th, and I have something pretty special planned for next week. Stay tuned!