Character Index

Potential Spoilers Below.

Heroes (In Order of Appearance):

Azrael Valentine -The Angel of Death. One of seven Archangels sworn to protect humanity. He is also the husband of Iris and the father of the Valentine house, a vengeful warrior who is feared by many. Azrael’s weapons include two retractable scythes with electrical capabilities, specialized swords controlled with his mind, and a scepter capable of emitting a strong kinetic force. He has displayed the abilities to control darkness and manipulate fear, as well as a comprehensive mastery of martial arts and a vast technological knowledge. First appears in Episode One – The Gallows Beam.

Iris Evelynn Valentine – The Angel of Life. Wife of Azrael and mother of the Valentine family, Iris is a loving and caring spirit who desires only to see humanity be the best it can be, and follows Azrael in his mission to make Bastion a better place. Iris’s standard equipment includes a broadsword and a shield, and she has displayed the abilities to summon and manipulate fire, to heal herself and others, and to wield various other types of elemental magics. First appears in Episode One – The Gallows Beam.

Raziel “Ava” Annabelle Lockhart– The Angel of Vision. Known to humans as Ava, Raziel is a powerful and mysterious magician who is granted visions of the future, and carries a book that only she can read containing all of human history, beginning to end. Gabriel’s adoptive mother, Raziel is a kind and gentle spirit with a wisdom well beyond her age. Her standard equipment includes Sol and Luna, two ancient stones that transform into her staff, among a variety of other weapons, and she has displayed the abilities of healing, telekinesis, and expulsion of damaging energy blasts. Substantial presence in Episode Four – The Fear of Death.

Michael Ford – The Angel of War. The powerful and ancient leader of the Army of The Lord and commander of a guard made up of the twelve finest warriors who have ever existed, Michael is a strong and inspiring leader looked up to by all. Savior of Pyropolis and the leader of the Ford family, Michael is a level-headed expert tactician and fighter who heads up all the Archangels’ operations as a group. His standard equipment includes a collapsible broadsword, shield, and a powerful bow that separates into two high-caliber automatic pistols. Substantial presence coming soon.

Gabriel Lockhart – The Angel of the Message. The youngest of the Archangels, Gabriel is an energetic and optimistic warrior. Raziel’s adopted son and personal student, Gabriel is training in the arts of magic to be a strong warrior, and follows in the footsteps of the great Archangels that accompany him. His standard equipment includes a bladed staff, and he has demonstrated abilities of superhuman speed. Substantial appearance in Episode Four – The Fear of Death.

Uriel Wright – The Angel of Brotherhood and the brother of Raphael Wright, Uriel is one of the two angels of discipleship, a confident and carefree spirit with a sharp sense of humor and a snide yet caring personality. Marked by his definitive white ink tattoos, Uriel has the ability to shoot fire from his mouth and wield the power of God’s plagues, including lightning, hail, pestilence, darkness, and the powerful and rage-inducing Plague of Blood. His standard weapon equipment includes his signature archblades and a pair of ballistic trench knives. First appears in Episode Nine – Brothers In Arms.

Raphael Wright – The Angel of Discipleship and brother of Uriel Wright, Raphael is a relatively gentle yet damaged spirit, a wealth of worldly experience giving him a fairly serious and realistic outlook. His experience with policing the other worlds and training in monster hunting has made him wise. When Raphael chooses to fight, he comes armed with full-length polearm bearing a brutal large blade and able to attach both an automatic gun and a short-range grenade launcher. His secondary weapons include a set of submachine guns. Raphael has exhibited the abilities to manipulate the plagues in similar ways as his brother, and to use the plague of fire to shape the earth beneath him, each of these attributes making him a more than formidable opponent. First appears in Episode Nine – Brothers In Arms.




David Fadi – Bastion mayoral candidate and Head of Technological Development at Albright Industries. A peace-loving scientist who only wants what’s best for the people of the city as well as a recent friend of Azrael’s. First appears in The Fear of Death.

Carolynn Annabelle Hope Valentine – The eighteen-year-old eldest daughter of Azrael and Iris, Carolynn is currently the only Valentine daughter who knows of Azrael and Iris’s secret. Carolynn has displayed extreme technological intelligence and capability, helping her father to develop new equipment for his practices as a vigilante. First appears in Blood From a Stone.

Roxanna Victoria Grace Valentine – The second of Azrael’s daughters. The seventeen-year-old “Roxy” has achieved a complex grasp of language and rhetoric, making her a smart, analytical, and charismatic young woman. First appears in Blood From a Stone.

Gloria Evelyn June Valentine – The fifteen-year-old youngest of Azrael’s girls, Azrael shares a special relationship with Gloria, who has displayed a sharp wit and musical capability not unlike her father’s, and a beautifully expressive artistic talent like her mother’s. First appears in Blood From a Stone.

Captain Aaron Slate – The jaded Captain of the Bastion City Police and a reluctant ally of Azrael’s. First appears in The Fear of Death.

Rose Valentine – Azrael’s mother, the owner of a flower shop in the Bastion Mall. A generous and kind-hearted woman who sees Azrael for who he truly is after raising him by herself. First appears in The Fear of Death.



Villains (In Order of Appearance):

Hangman – Harvey Adams, a former prosecutor turned serial killer after his best friend Dexter was killed by a local gang called the Bastion Glass who bought off the trial for Dexter’s murder. Swearing vengeance on the men who killed his friend and everyone who let them get away with it, Harvey dons the Hangman’s hood and forms a following, promising protection to all who follow him, and threatening the lives of one hundred innocent people if anyone should try to stop him. Appears in Episode One – The Gallows Beam.

Temple – Tetlozteotl, an ancient and terrible war machine heralded as a god by the ancient Aztecs, Temple takes the form of a small cylindrical idol statue, collecting any bricks he comes in contact with to increase the size and strength of his physical form. Temple shares a long and personal history with Azrael and the Archangels, making him especially dangerous. Appears in Episode Two – Blood From a Stone.

Droigheann – A powerful chaos demon from before time began, Droigheann has terrorized the earth for centuries and formed an intense rivalry with the Archangels. Her divisiveness and abilities to read minds, control darkness, and possess humans makes her a wily and venomous foe who can exploit emotional weaknesses. Appears in Episode Three – A New World Order.

Jackson Garmana – A recently laid-off machine technician of Kingston Steel, the late Jackson Garmana was possessed by Droigheann and imbued with the ability to disassemble and variably reassemble objects with his mind. He was freed from Droigheann’s control by Azrael, but ultimately died under mysterious circumstances. Appears in Episode Three- A New World Order.

Lazarus – A mysterious soul from long ago, Lazarus possesses the ability to reincarnate into bodies of various physical ability each time he dies. The cunning intelligence of some reincarnations and brute strength of others make him an imposing and unpredictable evil whose fight with Azrael has raged through the centuries. Appears in Episode Five – Do Not Resuscitate.

The Rat King – A former vaccine development biologist, Arthur Nezumi’s immense intelligence in his field led him to begin developing and combating his own diseases in test rats. After a rat named Elise bit him, he was infected with his own disease, and lost his sanity in the frantic process of attempting to cure himself. He was left irreparably altered both physically and mentally, and after being persuaded by a mysterious woman, was inspired to kill everyone in Bastion with his disease. Appears in Episode Six – Pandemic.

Cloak – A former CIA employee, Lily Hudson joined a secret society and began providing them intelligence information in hopes of doing good. After discovering the organization’s true intentions, she was forced to remain a part of their cruel machinations under the threat of harm toward her husband, Dylan. Appears in Episode Seven – Weapon of Choice.

Dagger/Jewel – Subservient only to Cloak, Dagger, referred to by her mistress as Jewel, is an advanced combat android from a tech project called Aperture, purchased illegitimately from the crooked Albright Industries scientist Mark Davin. The Aperture program developed a version of the android capable of several thousand different unique takedown strategies in close quarters, and includes a collapsible katana, energy blast, and the ability to collapse into a briefcase. Appears in Episode Seven – Weapon of Choice.

Vivian J. Malveaux – The premier agent of a secret organization called Couture, codenamed “Amour” and the black-haired woman who Azrael has been searching for, Vivian is the new head of Couture and a good friend of Scarlett Toussaint and Zoe Clarke. A ruthless woman, Vivian has fought lethally in defense of her father’s honor, and betrayed her mother to steal her organization.  Appears in Episodes Four and Seven.

Mallory Malveaux – The former head of the malicious secret organization Couture. The apparently abusive mother of Vivian Malveaux, Mallory was the frightening former leader of Couture until she disappeared mysteriously when Vivian stole the organization. Appears in Episode Seven – Weapon of Choice.

Scarlett Toussaint – A top agent for Couture formerly in consideration to be promoted to Mallory’s position leading the organization alongside her best friend Vivian Malveaux. Although Agent Cherie appears bubbly and friendly on the surface, Scarlett is a fearsome and well-trained field operative. Left following her discovery of Vivian’s betrayal in unleashing the Rat King on Bastion and stealing the organization from her. Whereabouts unknown. Appears in Episode Seven – Weapon of Choice.

Zarra/Zoe Clarke – Vivian’s trusted friend and personal aid, a highly skilled and well-trained combatant who formerly studied under Azrael before disappearing and resurfacing as a member of Couture, kidnapping Iris in attempts to get the better of Azrael. Zoe is a highly intense and honor-bound warrior who refuses to compromise in the face of opposition. Growing up in crime-ridden Juarez, she and her single father struggled to make ends meet before he was tragically killed by a Mexican gang. Seeking out to avenge him and finding inspiration in his film portrayal of her childhood hero, she donned the mask of Zarra, fighting to stop the gang that killed her father and encountering Azrael along the way. After their meeting years later, Zoe decided to leave Bastion for an unknown heading where she could rediscover what it meant to do good in the world. Appears in Episode Eleven – The Mark of Zarra.

Caesar J. R. Ackerman – Vivian Malveaux’s late father, a powerful steel magnate who was wronged by Mallory. Appears in Episode Eight – Cry Havoc.

Aki (The Programmer) – A computer programmer hired by Couture to develop the Aperture technology who is later murdered by Manacle when he is no longer needed by Vivian Malveaux. Appears in Episode Eight – Cry Havoc.

Manacle – A well-trained, ex-military mercenary hired by Vivian Malveaux to overtake the Bastion police department, augmented with a powerful exoskeleton on top of his immense combative skill and tactical capability. Since severely injured by Azrael and disowned by Vivian Malveaux. Appears in Episode Ten – City on Fire.