Episode Index

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Episode I – The Gallows Beam

Part One – “Gold”

Part Two – “Blood”

Part Three – “Flame”


Episode II – Blood From a Stone

Part One – “The Taller They Are”

Part Two – “The Harder They Fall”

Episode III – A New World Order

Part One – “Contusions”

Part Two – “The Lives We’ve Chosen”

Part Three – “Heart of Darkness”

Episode IV – The Fear of Death

Part One – “The Mark”

Part Two – “The Mind”

Part Three – “The Master”

Episode V – Do Not Resuscitate

Part One – “Statement of Intent”

Part Two – “Capital Offense”

Part Three – “Solemn Vow”


Episode VI – Pandemic

Part One – “Site of Infection”

Part Two – “Synthesis”

Part Three – “Patient Zero”

Episode VII – Weapon of Choice

Part One – “En Garde”

Part Two – “Attaque de Fer”

Part Three – “Coup De Grace”

Episode VIII – Cry Havoc

Part One – “Costly Blood”

Part Two – “Ruby Lips”

Part Three – “A Monarch’s Voice”

Episode IX – Brothers In Arms

Part One – “The Black Herald”

Part Two – “The Red Day”

Episode X – City On Fire

Part One – “Infiltration”

Part Two – “Fire Superiority”

Part Three – “Shock and Awe”

Zarra Poster.png

Episode XI – The Mark of Zarra

Part One – “Black Water”

Part Two – “Silver Pieces”

Part Three – “Crimson Steel”


Episode XII – Necessary Evil

Part One – “Caesar, Now Be Still”

Part Two – “Half So Good a Will”

Hell Hath No Fury4.png

Episode XIII – Hell Hath No Fury

Part One – “Veni”

Part Two – “Vidi”

Part Three – “Vici”

Holiday Special – Azrael: Silent Night

Silent Night Cover.png

Azrael: Silent Night